An unboxing: LitJoyCrate


Today’s unboxing: the July LitJoyCrate!

I’ve been an on-again-off-again subscriber to LitJoy for almost a year now, and I absolutely love how they theme their boxes to the book itself.  This month’s theme was “Sleight of Hand” and I must say it was perfect!  I kind of figured out what the book was, since I read an egalley of it, and was not disappointed in the least.  They also feature an artist for each box and this month it was Stephanie Brown of offbeatworlds!

Alright, spoilers ahead!!!







The book of the month was The Last Magician, by Lisa Maxwell, and I must say it is wonderful.  It deals with magic and the turn of the century and gangs in New York and stage magicians and also a bit of time travel.  Seriously, it’s everything you could ever want all wrapped up in one book.

In the box were:

  • Jane Austen playing cards
  • Coconut Oil & Orange Blossom perfume oil by Wick and Fable (It has ‘Esta’ on it but in the book it’s actually Harte who smells like oranges…but it smells so good I don’t care.  And I don’t normally wear perfume but I might make an exception for this)
  • A book locket charm (it’s in the lower left hand corner of the box) – this is to represent the Book that Esta must steal when she goes back in time
  • A New York Jazz coloring panoramic
  • A print of Inej Ghafa (love of my life) by Stephanie Brown (who also did the Harte Darrigan artwork for the pamphlet featuring the contents of the box.  I just love her work so much).
  • A DropCap postcard for LitJoy’s annual summer photo contest (last year it was books in Pantone)
  • A video interview from the author, Lisa Maxwell
  • A letter from her as well
  • Book swag including a bookmark and signed bookplate.

All in all an excellent box indeed.  I think my favorites have to be the artist prints (INEJ and HARTE!!!  Seriously how amazing is that?!  Harte was my favorite from TLM and Inej is my favorite from SoC) followed closely by the perfume oil (did I mention it smells amazing?!!).  I think the only problem I am facing right now is where to put the book on my super full shelves….

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