Book Challenges

TBR Bingo!

I just found this suggestion on how to push forward in your already-owned TBR over on twitter by @MissDahlELama and decided to try my hand at making one!  Now I’m probably not actually going to start until #ARCAugust is over, because that’s my current priority, but I’ve been falling behind on Beat the Backlist and need to get a move on with that.

The rules are simple: pick 25 books that you already own and haven’t read yet, and every time you see one mentioned on social media or on a shelf, pick it up and read it!  (I’m thinking by ‘shelf’ it means like in a bookstore or on someone’s shelfie or something because I see mine every day and that’s too easy).  Cross it off on your bingo card, and once you hit bingo, treat yourself to a new book or read an ARC!

So here is the bingo card I generated:


TBR Bingo

Who knows, maybe I will actually get some of these books out of my TBR pile finally.

*Edit: I changed some of the books on it because I forgot some that I’ve been meaning to read for a while now.

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