Current Bookish Obsession: CANDLES

Okay who else has a problem with bookish candles?

Seriously, raise your hand I know you do.

This is getting ridiculous.  I put myself on a small candle-buying ban during September, save for the first weekend when people were doing Labor Day sales combined with giving percentages to those suffering from the hurricanes, and when AlchemyandInk came out with her Autumn stock (oh my god I got ONE candle from her and am absolutely in love).

I need to stop.

Or at least wait until I burn through a few more that I have.

Anyway, so far my favorite shops are

  • Alchemy and Ink – Natalie is so sweet to follow on Instagram and puts so much effort and love into the candles she makes.  She uses these amazingly gorgeous glass jars with these black lids that have rubber inside, matte labels that are downright gorgeous, and her wicks are wooden.  Seriously, they make the flame wider and they crackle lightly so you get both a smell, visual and audio aesthetic with these candles!  I got her Jin one (Rebel of the Sands) and it was so much better than I was anticipating.  I think I reviewed it here on my instagram.  Anyway, I can’t wait to get more from her.
  • Wick and Fable – they just rock, okay.  Every candle I get from them has the most amazing smell throw ever.  The colors are gorgeous, they all shimmer with glitter when you light them, and their monthly sampler boxes are just so much fun to get!
  • Novelly Yours – I really like Brittany because she always includes a little thank you note and a free sample with every purchase.  Plus she does some really cool effects on some of her candles, and has different limited edition ones each month.
  • NovelHeartbeatCreations – I only recently bought some from here, and almost all of them smell so good and amazing.  The tins have these adorable chalk writing designs on the front of them, and the candles inside usually have some really cool aesthetic to them.  I kind of pounced when she brought out the September exclusive candle which was Nevernight themed and smells like oranges.  So good.

I’ve tried some others but these are the ones that definitely stand out the most to me right now.

What are some of your favorite bookish candle shops?  Any obsessions that are plaguing your bank account right now?  Wait no, don’t tell me, I shouldn’t get hooked onto anything else.

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