Impulse Buys

Omg I can’t believe it

I made an impulse buy today, bought a book that sounded really good, wasn’t on much of a radar online, and had a cute-sounding romance to boot.

Turns out it’s the second book in a series.  I don’t know how but the synopsis managed to NOT convey that at all.  And it wasn’t really written anywhere that it was a sequel.  There’s a picture of the first one on the back, but I for some reason assumed that that was the sequel being promoted instead.  Unfortunately I didn’t think to look it up first.  I mean, I could return it…but I also don’t want to.

And at least, knowing me, I will probably end up letting it sit on my shelf for so long that by the time I do get around to reading it I will have already acquired the first one somehow.  (Oh, I guess I should mention that it’s employee appreciation week so we get an extra discount but I don’t think it will come in on time if I ordered it into the store.  I’ll just have to wait till the next one I suppose).

Who else has had an impulse buy that didn’t go the exact way they were expecting?  Either good or bad?

(And if you are wondering the book was Omega by Jus Accardo.)

1 thought on “Impulse Buys”

  1. I used to do this ALL THE TIME. I get a lot of B&N gift cards for my birthday, and sometimes I get so caught up in the book buying frenzy, I just grab whatever looks interesting, only to find out it’s book 5 of a series, or something I wasn’t even really interested in, but it had a nice cover. Now, I make myself write out a list of books I want and wait at least a day before spending all my money on stuff I won’t read. :p


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