BookCon 2018

Okay, now that I’ve officially gotten my autograph tickets for BookCon, I am too excited and need to talk about it here.

I went last year to BookCon and it was amazing!  (If you’re super bored and want to read an extremely lengthy recap of it, click here).  I actually have less MUST-DO’s on my list this year, so I’m hoping to use the extra time going around the show floor and trying for prizes I didn’t get to last year because of the extra long lines.

So, anyway, I’m going to be getting autographs from Naomi Novik (!!!!), Morgan Matson, Becky Albertalli, and Heidi Heilig.  I had both days up at the same time and somehow it went through with the Sunday one and then ended my Saturday session before I got my tickets and I panicked when I didn’t see Naomi or Morgan on the list anymore thinking they sold out, but then I realized the page had gone to the Sunday list so I quickly jumped back to Saturday and managed to snag both of them and let me tell you that was a heart attack in the making.  I had originally been hesitant to do Heidi, though, because hers required a book purchase and I own both of her books already and was not interested in the book by the author she is partnered with at all (it’s some kinky erotica thing?  Sorry, not my cup of tea).  But my friend said she would take a copy if I bought it.  Hopefully I don’t have to get THAT one signed because I want my copies signed and there’s a maximum of 2 signings per person at that table.  :/

Anyway, I am also hoping to get to the Alexandra Bracken signing first thing on Saturday (which is of course not ticketed and first come first serve and omg).  And on Sunday there is going to be a signing party with both Jennifer L. Armentrout and Susan Dennard and while I haven’t read anything by Jennifer (my friend adorees her) I am so stoked for Susan.

And then V. E. Schwab is going to have several signings too and I hope I can get to one but since I met her on the floor last year I’m going to try to not be too upset if I don’t.

Well anyway that’s all for now.

Tickets are printed, bag has yet to be packed, but BookCon2018, here I come!  (In about 2 weeks).

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