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BookCon2018 | Sunday Recap

Alright, onto the Sunday recap then!

Sunday was a little less…great for me.  I mean, I met a lot of authors and still got some great things, but I had my eye on the ARC of For a Muse of Fire so much that it was a little disappointing when I ended up with 0 chance of even playing the game of chance to win it.  (You had to get to the booth an hour early to get tickets for the game an hour later.  My friend offered to go for me for the 2pm tickets, because the 3pm game was going to have the FAMOF ARC, but the girl in front of her was literally the last person to get a ticket.)  I think I let that get to my head a bit unfortunately.

Anyway…on to the good stuff!

First off, the Sunday bus we took (we come from South Jersey so it was cheaper to just get a bus than it was to rent a hotel room) arrived at 10am (they don’t run an earlier bus on Sundays alas), so my immediate destination was 1. the bathroom and then 2. the I Read YA meeting with Scott Westerfeld, Kody Keplinger, and V. E. Schwab.  When I got there and saw just how long the line was I almost wished I hadn’t gone to the bathroom first.  BUT, after an hour of waiting and watching the line get exponentially longer, I got in, I met the three authors (had Scott sign my copy of The Midnighters – which, confession, is the only thing I’ve read by him – and Victoria my copy of ADSOM (finally!)), and got their ARCs and it was very cute and fun in there.

After that I went over to the MacMillan booth and confirmed that they weren’t going to start lining up for the TorTeen Signing Party (Jennifer L. Armentrout, Susan Dennard, Mark Oshiro) at 1pm.  But, because I had nothing else planned and wasn’t going to be able to make it to any other ARC drops or giveaways, I just kind of hung around, parked myself just to the left of the entrance of the area where it would be, and kind of sort of started the unofficial line.  Lol.  I was actually only there for Susan Dennard, but my friend really wanted the Jennifer L. Armentrout ARC and only the first 50 people to buy books would get it and she was in a panel so I waited there sort of as her proxy.  People started showing up and sort of falling in behind me (I chose the side that was aiming towards no-man’s land, so if the line did go that way it wasn’t going to intrude on another booth or people walking) but of course there were some who stood on the other side and kept saying how “there was no official line yet” and seemed to think that when the time came, the people working the booth would start with them.  Well, guess what, around 12:45 people kept going up to the booth workers and I watched them literally point at me and then the line that went behind me which basically confirmed that I was now the start of the official line. Ha.

Anyway, in the middle of this, well actually when there were still only a handful of people milling around, my friend arrived and I quickly went over to meet Melissa Albert who was signing copies of The Hazel Wood.   It was near the end of her line so I just asked if I could say hi so I did and she was very nice and we bonded over working at Barnes & Noble and she was nice and signed a blank bookmark I brought and afterwards I felt bad about not buying the book to get signed but I hadn’t really been planning on it, I just happened to be there when the line was coming to an end.

So, back to the signing party.  After everyone got their purchases and ARCs (and no I didn’t get one because I didn’t want to buy anything else because I already owned all of Susan books that weree available and wasn’t interested in the Mark Oshiro one), we started in for the signing.  Actually, side-note, before that when they were starting the purchases and such they started yelling for everyone to make a single-file line (because yeah we can do that from the front where everyone is bunched up) and one of the women who had been hanging out on the other side of the entrance hoping to have the official line start over there forced her way into the line with her companion and kept pushing my friend and saying loudly to move over and that she was going to be up front in line because they had been waiting just as long and were NOT going to go to the back of the line.  Now, mind you, she was a pretty big woman (and I’m no skinny minnie myself), and my friend is like a stick.  And then, as soon as they passed out the ARC tickets, she just left!  Turns out she was actually her companion’s step-mother and the poor girl was just all “I’m so sorry about her” because she was the one who wanted the Jennifer ARC.  Like, I have no issue with you, girl, but damn the step-mother didn’t have to be so rude.  (Another side-note, I had clearly started the line but some girl and her father just plopped themselves in front of me – directly in front of the entrance, forcing the workers to go around them – but like they had been standing there long enough to be in the first fifty and I wasn’t going to make a stink and ask them go to the back of the line, but still, principal.  And also courtesy to the workers.  Plus I wasn’t planning on getting an ARC anyway so…)

Now to the fun stuff!  My friend and I have had this plan for a while to ask Susan to sign our books together with Threadsister lines connecting them, and she was so nice and agreed to it (although she got a little flustered and confused about whose name was going into whose book – I think she thought we wanted each others names in our own books but then she figured it out.  And she had a specific way of making the lines too!



And while my friend (on the left) talking to Jennifer and got the ARC signed, I talked to Mark Oshiro because my friend said he mentioned a book in the panel that I might like, so we talked about that (The Summer of Jordi Perez), and he was kind enough to sign another of my bookmarks (ugh I feel so bad now, getting a signature without buying a book.  I’m an ass.)

So then after taking a couple of pictures at the photo booth they had, I ran over to the autograph area to meet Becky Albertalli!  She signed my copy of Upside of Unrequited and I bought Simon vs. there (read it on Kindle).  She was very nice and sweet but I was a little less eloquent around her and didn’t know what to say because I didn’t want to be like everyone else and thank her for her awesome representation in her books because I felt like that’s what everyone probably says?  I think I just ended up saying how happy her books make me feel.


I didn’t get out of there until just before 3pm, so there was no way I was going to that Penguin Teen secret galley drop (turns out it was Four Dead Queens which literally came into my radar this past week and oh man sounds so good), but I walked around a bit more, waited for the line at the Fierce Reads giveaway at 4 (but decided against it because I was tired of them yelling at us that the line wouldn’t start until a quarter of and to disperse like yeah that was gonna happen).  I decided I just didn’t care enough to wait that long for something I didn’t even know if I would want or not, so I headed over to the Heidi Heilig signing instead.

I ended up being first in line there too, lol.  Heidi was so sweet and adorable and I got so confused because after I gave her my books she reached out again and I didn’t understand because I had nothing left to give her but it turns out she just wanted to shake my hand.  *crying-smiling emoji*  I stupidly forgot to take a picture with her, and probably made a fool of myself when I told her how excited I was for FAMOF and had sadly been unable to get a copy of the ARC (why the publisher didn’t give it out at the signing is beyond me).  I wish I had said more now, of course, but what can you do (except find a time to meet her again…).

So then there was just an hour left of BookCon, and this was the time when the booths were doing final book drops, getting rid of extra inventory and all that.  I managed to miss basically every one I really wanted.  I did end up with a copy of Campfire by Shawn Sarles, and I literally watched the line form in front of me at Penguin when they gave out their final copies of Four Dead Queens, and some others, but was too dumb and slow to get in line before it got too long.

BUT, I was at the Simon & Shuster booth when the workers there started putting out Ellen Hopkins ARCs (I think they weree Ellen Hopkins?) and one of them pulled out a copy of The Devil’s Thief by Lisa Maxwell which I thought was a BEA only ARC (and like I said, I never went to the S&S carnival thing so I have no idea what ARCs they gave out there), but it had a post-it on it and the girl was like “Oh, this one is marked for someone” and started putting it back.  I just blurted out “Do you have any more copies of that?” and the guy just shoved one in my face.  So, yeah, while I didn’t get the one ARC I had my eye on that I really wanted (FAMOF), I ended up getting one that I really wanted but didn’t think would be available so had not gotten my hopes up about AT ALL.

Oh, I also stopped by The Bookish Box right as they were closing their spinning wheel, so I got to take one thing from their prize boxes so of course that was the RiddlesTeaShop Grisha Blend.  What can I say, I love tea.

Overall, Sunday was a little bit more of a waiting-in-lines kind of day, and I felt like I didn’t get to do as much, but I was still happy with what I got to do, because a lot of it involved meeting authors I love and getting books signed by them.

My final haul ended up looking a little like this.


These are all the books and things I got signed (only ones that aren’t signed are To Be Honest, Campfire, and The Devil’s Thief).  The left bookmark is Melissa Albert and the right one is Mark Oshiro.


This is all the random swag I got (I’m totally fine with how little I got tbh, I’m not a big button person or anything.  The Seafire scarf was really cool though.)


And finally the four tote bags and posters I got.  I’ve already hung up the TDM and Supergirl poster in my room.

Another year, another BookCon.  Had some lows, mostly highs, and will probably end up going again next year.

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