Quick Update

Hey all,

Or few.  I honestly don’t think I have a lot of followers (only myself to blame – I just post reviews here as far as I can tell).


I’m a little behind on writing said reviews because last week I had tech and then the weekend was BookCon and during that time period I managed to finish a few books, particularly in the Anne of Green Gables series (thanks to the audiobooks on – seriously, if you’re interested, listen to the Karen Savage ones.  She’s the reader and oh my god her voice is so nice to listen to and she does different inflections for all the characters and I cannot get enough.)

So I’m still writing reviews on Goodreads I just haven’t cleaned them up or transferred them here yet.

Hopefully soon though!

While I have your attention (that is, if I do), is there anything else you might want to see from me?  Like a Recommend Wednesday, or Waiting-On Friday, or one of those sort of things?  Idk, what do you guys want to see from other bloggers I’m curious.  I know what I like to see but it’s different for everyone.



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