T.T.S.I.F | Thank The Stars It’s Friday

Well, I said in my resolutions that I wanted to work on actual blogging some more so here we go.  I’m starting.

I should probably make a graphic for this at some point.

Anyway, some general updates in my life of reading.

Okay the first thing I have to do is promote The Executioners Three by Susan Dennard. It’s an ongoing project she has on Wattpad and omg I binged it in like two days.  It’s so freaking good. Ghosts, murder, high school rivalries/pranks, enemies-to-lovers romance, and it takes place in the 90s so the references make me giddy.  Ugh it’s just….SO GOOD.  But then she went and updated it today only for me to find out the update was actually her saying she was taking a break from it for Witchlands stuff (fair I guess) but like SHE JUST ENDED IT JUST AS SHIT WAS HAPPENING DON’T DO THIS TO ME SUSAN!!!

Anyway yeah go check it out and suffer like I am

I finished 2 books last week.  I started and DNF’ed one this week.  And I’m slowly making my way through a couple of others.  I started reading The Priory of the Orange Tree by Samantha Shannon because even though it doesn’t come out until the end of February, it is a unit of a book (over 800 pages we’re talking).  So I figured if I at least start it now and just try to read a little bit every now and then at least that might get me through a chunk of it before the publish date looms.  It’s interesting so far.  Good world-building and I’m starting to get invested in the story as more of it is being made clear.)

I’m also reading A Curse So Dark and Lonely by Brigid Kemmerer.  Also another egalley.  Beauty & the Beast retelling.  It’s pretty decent so far.

Still trying to work on finishing my reread of A Shadow Bright and Burning.  Look.  I love this book and this series but omg I was just not in the mood apparently for a reread but I’ve made it this far….ugh I just want to read the last one but I forgot so many little details from the first two that I had to go back ya feel?

Oh, and I started listening to the audiobook of Obsidian by Jennifer L. Armentrout.  My friend is a huge fan of hers and has been begging me to read her books for a while, but every time I read the description of it I went ‘ehhhh” but figured there’s gotta be something there since so many people like them.  So far: Kate is a book blogger and I feel a little called out, the audiobook narrator has a soft-ish voice and keeps pronouncing Daemon as “demon” which I’m pretty sure JLA did not intend and it’s kind of annoying me, and I like Dee, what little I’ve heard of her.  Getting some Escape to Witch Mountain vibes so far…and of course Roswell (of which I watched all of two…three? episodes)

And finally I am reading Umbertouched, the sequel to Rosemarked.  I loved the first one and am enjoying the second one so far, I am just extremely tired all the time so I haven’t really been able to just dive into it.  Plus I have a set design I am working on.

And yeah that’s kind of it for me in the reading department.  I’m kind of tired so I’m just going to leave it there for now.

Let me know what books you are reading and any goals you’ve been doing good with so far this year!

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