T.T.S.I.F | Weekly+ Update

Well my reading has been…slow lately.  Part of it is being completely burned out by work – both as a bookseller and as a lighting/set designer.  It’s all coming to a head and I just…I’m tired.

Even getting through the last audiobook of the Lux series feels like a struggle.  Which it shouldn’t?  But all I can think is “damn why is this taking so long to end?”  It made me start wondering if I prefer shorter series to longer ones.  I mean, I adored Bloodlines, which has 6 books in them, and sometimes I wish that trilogies were drawn out more, but other times I’m like – duologies are the best!  I guess it depends on the series.  Right now I just think it’s all because I’m just not in the right mindset.  At least, I hope that’s the case.

As for the other arcs and egalleys I’m reading…I’m pushing through.  I’m really liking Priory and Four Dead Queens, and I also started Wicked Saints which is really interesting so far, but when I’m only reading one or two chapters here and there because there are other things to do and other distractions to keep my eyes busy, I don’t always get through it as quickly as I possibly could.

Does it ever bother you to see other people finishing books that you’re still working through, or just reading books in one sitting and you’re like “Oh hey I read fifty pages today” and wondering why it takes you so much longer?

For me I know it’s because a. I read more than one book at a time, and b. I sometimes will read a passage, then read it again because I need it to sink in some more.  Or I’m just dead tired and struggling to just finish a chapter.  Or my brain starts bringing up other topics to think about instead of focusing on what’s happening on the page in front of my face.

I’ve been only reading ARCs and egalleys the last two months, because of my show stuff, and I just can’t wait for it all to be over.  Once this show opens in March, I am going to just binge a series.  Idk which – I need to finish the Temeraire books, but maybe I will read a new trilogy or something.  Something that has everything published to this point at least.

I just want to read for me and I keep…not.  Because past me went “ooooh I want that egalley!” and stupidly downloaded it without thinking what future me might actually want to read.

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