Discourse | Okay not so much a discourse as it is a rant…


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Ugh I kept checking last night because Goldsboro’s vague “it will be available Friday morning UK time” was so not helpful for this here girl who is living in the US.  I checked at all the hours but had to give up and go to sleep because I was exhausted because I’ve been painting all week and will do so again today.  And finally I woke up an hour before my regular alarm, checked, and yup they had gone on sale and sold out an hour before I finally woke up.


This wouldn’t be such an issue if I hadn’t already had the other two in the series from Goldsboro as well.  Sure they have signed editions, but the ones I got were signed & SPRAYED.  I don’t know why they didn’t do that this year too?  Instead they were all numbered.

What really irked me was that people who had previously purchased copes that were numbered got to preorder the book in advance, but those of us who didn’t get NUMBERED ones did not.  It sucks – I bought both of them from Goldsboro, just because I didn’t play into this weird number thing means I don’t get a copy to match my set?  Fine, I’ll go to Waterstones then.  At least they had the decency to add more to their stock due to demand.

And seriously I don’t get the numbering thing?  Is it the order in which they are printed?  Yeah I don’t care about that collector stuff I just want the book to look pretty on my shelf and match.

Ugh I know this is a ridiculous thing to be annoyed and frustrated about but it was just such a shitty endeavor.  Not having an exact time for when they went on sale was awful, and I knew, I knew, I was going to probably miss out on it but I’m still bitter about the fact that I did.

Whatever.  I got the one from Waterstones so I suppose that will have to do.  (But I left the other two with their jackets wrapped in the plastic that Goldsboro sends their books in and idk if Waterstones does that too?  It just angers me that even though I bought the other two from them I didn’t get the option to preorder in advance because mine weren’t numbered.  But they were still special to you, Goldsboro!!)

EDIT: Hell at this point I don’t even care if it’s signed or not (although it would be nice but hey I understand signing that many books probably hurts one’s hand), BUT I STILL WANT THE STARRY NIGHT SPRAYED EDGES

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