T.T.S.I.F | Life & Reading Update

Well my reading definitely fell behind.  But I have a show to blame.  Tonight was opening night for The Glass Menagerie for which I designed both the set and lights so the last two weeks were definitely busy for me to say the least.  As a result, the only books I managed to finish were my audiobooks, because yes I can listen to those while I paint the set thank you very much.  Both were rereads in anticipation of sequels being released.  One sequel, The Queen’s Resistance, I am still working through but enjoying of course and the other, King of Fools, I haven’t got to yet. Now I am listening to The Golem and the Jinni and it’s enjoyable so far, although it had a bit of a slow start.

Still working my way through Priory as well and I love it but I also like savoring it and also the chapter are long and it’s an egalley so I have no sense of when a chapter will end (it’s the formatting) so I haven’t been reading it much lately because I’m ridiculously tired at the end of the night and can’t fathom settling into it for an indeterminable amount of time.  Like I said in a previous post, I am thinking of borrowing a copy from work and finishing it that way (this will also result in me reading the final product, and not missing any changes that were made between ARC and final copy).

I got a new Kindle!  Yeah, my old one was suddenly no longer holding it’s charge.  It was at full one day, and then later that nightI happened to glance at the power and it was at 13%.  It happened again after I charged it once more, and the new Kindle went on sale like it was some sort of sign so I said fuck it and bought a new one.  Ngl I was kind of entertaining the idea of getting a new one anyway because my old one would get slow if there were too many books downloaded to it or if the power was getting low.  So this was kind of a nice excuse.  Course, as soon as I paid for it, the old one started holding its charge again.  Pain in the ass.

Should I name the new one?  I don’t name my electronics but I always thought the idea of doing it was cute.

Anyway that’s my life and reading so far.  Oh, and I started Wicked Saints but idk if I’m feeling it.  The beginning was good but I honestly don’t care that much for the characters at this point and will probably end up DNFing it.

Tomorrow is my first day off in a while so I plan on taking full advantage of it.

By sleeping in.

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