The cover for the final Diviners book has been revealed…and no, I’m not happy.

Well, the final cover for the last book in The Diviners series by Libba Bray was revealed today!  (I only just discovered it though oops).  I haven’t read the synopsis yet because I still haven’t um read book three yet (I’ll get there…just need to reread the other two first…after I read everything else on TBR apparently…) and I don’t want to get spoiled (and of course I saw part of the first sentence and am already WTFing out of my mind and trying to erase what I saw from my memory).

But anyway here are all four covers that I will be owning when the last one comes out apparently!

So on the one hand – yay!  They finally stopped doing cover redesigns!

On the other hand – why the hell didn’t they continue the cover redesigns??  At this point I might as well keep the non-matching cover aesthetic of this series cause why the hell not?  Sure, this is just what I want!  Two non-matching covers and two that do match!  And of course, that final redesign is so excellently done – it doesn’t look like a graphic design student did it as a side project at all.  I’ve seen better graphics on tumblr.  And better fonts too.

Can you tell I’m bitter?

I’m over it.  So over it.  Libba is so lucky I buy these in hardcover because I’m here for the story, not the cover anymore.

Maybe I’ll take the covers off the last two and do those defacing things people do all the time.

Or just leave the coverless idk.

Or maybe I will just buy all of the Australian versions somehow (since not only do they match, but the aesthetic of them is perfect) and just keep the first book in hardcover on my shelf since it’s the prettiest but crap I just looked and Book Depository no longer has the first one available…


I know this is a bitter rant, and trust me I know it is not Libba’s fault I don’t blame her in the slightest (like I said I still bought the second and third ones in hardcover cause I love her and want to support her and also the book itself is just so damn good) but just…what is this publishing team on???  What is their issue with these covers???  This is just the most frustrating thing ever.  I knew this was going to happen.  The last one doesn’t get a cover design change but it’s the design aesthetic I like the least.

I just want my covers to match okay.  I know this isn’t the biggest issue on the planet right now but I just want to rant about it so rant I will.

Then, I will move on, suck it up, and just deal.

4 thoughts on “The cover for the final Diviners book has been revealed…and no, I’m not happy.”

    1. Hey, thanks for the comment sorry I forgot to respond! Yeah I know they’re in paperback and I don’t mind so much but the problem now seems to be that the first one is out of print so that would still be an issue with getting a matching set lol. I’ll figure it out at some point in my life hopefully. Who knows, maybe the US publishers will do another re-design sometime in the future and I can get a box set of those in paperback.

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  1. Ahh sorry! I am sure that I redesign is in the works especially because no one seems to like the three different cover and the fact that the series will be complete. Have you tried or #booksfortrade on Twitter for the first one?


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