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Book Review | OF FATE AND PHANTOMS, by C. J. Archer

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Of Fate and Phantoms (The Ministry of Curiosities #7), by C. J. Archer

Publish Date: January 24, 2017
Published by: C. J. Archer
Length: 266 pages
Genre: Historical Fiction/Paranormal/Mystery
My Rating: ★★★☆☆ (3.5 out of 5 stars)


As Charlie and Lincoln’s lives settle into a harmonious pattern, a new threat arises that could have far reaching effects for the royal family and Lincoln’s parents.

When a seer warns the Prince of Wales that his life is in danger, only Charlie and Lincoln take her seriously. After all, what sensible person would believe a gypsy who claims the danger will come in the form of the prince’s dead father?

A meeting at the palace sets them on a path that takes Charlie back to her old haunts in the London slums, on the hunt for a man who can change his appearance. The new threat is their most dangerous yet, but for Lincoln, the biggest concern isn’t confronting the shape-changer or meeting his parents for the first time, it’s whether Charlie will put his engagement ring on her finger.

My Review: 

This one was a little slower for me (I wasn’t in a huge reading mood) and I was kind of annoyed at Charlie for being so pushy towards Lincoln connecting with his mother and father. It felt like she was placing her own familial desires onto him, without actually taking into account what he was saying and how he was behaving. She’s usually better than that.

I enjoyed the addition of Harriet and that storyline, though, and am interested in seeing where that goes. I hope there is more of Alice in the future as well, and am glad that good things are finally happening for the boys of Charlie’s old gang.

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