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Book Review | VOW OF DECEPTION, by C. J. Archer

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Vow of Deception (The Ministry of Curiosities #9), by C. J. Archer

Publish Date: December 5, 2017
Published by: C. J. Archer
Length: 297 pages
Genre: Historical Fiction/Paranormal/Mystery
My Rating: ★★★★☆ (4 out of 5 stars)


With the wedding only days away, the Ministry is thrown into turmoil when another murder is committed by a shape-shifter. But this time the newspapers make the connection to werewolves – and the Ministry. Suddenly the attention is focused on Lichfield Towers and its residents as the police investigate and parliament wants to shut the organization down.

It could spell the end of everything Charlie has come to love.

As the authorities close in and ministry secrets are exposed, past allies can no longer be trusted. Can Charlie save her home, her loved ones, and herself? Or will she lose Lincoln and her friends forever?

My Review:

This one felt much better than the last few books in the series. I don’t know if it is because I read a different book between the last one and this one and suddenly got in the mood for it again, or if it was because I was just excited to be closing in on the end of the series. But either way, I felt like the characters, Charlie especially, felt more like they were in the beginning and the plot was more intriguing and fast-paced as opposed to feeling like it was dragged out and going in circles. 

It was a difficult mystery, with a lot of suspense and drama that had me constantly hooked and on the edge of my seat in a lot of instances. I’ll admit, though, I was more than a little disappointed in the motive for getting Lincoln arrested – it was just so petty and horrible that I was angry that that was the reason for everything. Seriously? Can we get some character growth for once?

I really wish Lady Harcourt had been treated differently as a character. In the beginning I first thought she might be a role model for Charlie, who actually seemed to look up to her in the first book, but instead she became a jealous, desperate stereotype who never seemed to learn from or even feel remorse for her mistakes and actions. She never even came close to having a redemption arc and as a result became a hateful character that as a reader I could not empathize with in anyway and thus had no desire to even read about her anymore. And the actions she took in this book just hit the nail on the head that she was just not a well-rounded character or one to be liked or even understood in her behavior.

[SPOILER] Also, what was that wedding ceremony??? “Over in a flash” – excuse me I waited 5 books for this wedding and you couldn’t even give me a couple “I do’s”? [END SPOILER]

Overall I felt much better about this book than I did about the last few in the series which were plodding and lacking in character. This one brought back all the feelings I got from the first few in the series, plus some more, and had me feeling much more eager to pick it up than with previous books. I can’t wait to see what happens in the next one, and finally wrap up this story.

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