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Book Challenges, Personal

New Year’s Resolutions | Bookish Goals

New Year’s Eve is tomorrow, so it’s time to make some resolutions!  Mine is to lose weight, as most people tend to do, except my weight is going to be coming off of my TBR pile lol.

I have several goals for this year involving my bookish habits.  These include:

  • Completing my goal of reading 20 books for the Beat the Backlist challenge
  • Completeing my of of finishing 5-8 series for the Finishing the Series challenge
  • Requesting less egalleys from Edelweiss because I really want to start reading for myself again
  • Reading more of the many ebooks I have acquired on my Kindle (maybe one per month hopefully)
  • Continue reading more Shakespeare
  • Maybe finally start on my goal of finally reading all of Tamora Pierce’s books (I’ve read the Circle of Magic and the Circle Opens books time and again, but I haven’t really ever gotten into the Tortall books except for the Immortals quartet).
  • Blog more
  • Stop ending all of my reviews in a paragraph starting with the word “Overall.”  Seriously, I gotta work on something better than that (This was added on January 20, 2018)

It’s not much but it’s enough for me.

What bookish goals do you have for the New Year?

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Year in Review | Favorite Reads of 2017

It’s that time again!  Happy New Year’s everyone!  I’ve already done my anticipated reads post for 2018, now it’s time to reflect on the books that I absolutely loved reading this year.  I read a total of 76 books, so there were a lot to choose from!  Most of these are releases from 2017, but some were not.  Some were middle grade books.  Most were YA.  Anyway, in no particular order at all, here are my favorite reads of 2017!  (I tried to do 17 books, but I couldn’t push it down past 18.  So, one for good luck, or something).


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Impulse Buys

Omg I can’t believe it

I made an impulse buy today, bought a book that sounded really good, wasn’t on much of a radar online, and had a cute-sounding romance to boot.

Turns out it’s the second book in a series.  I don’t know how but the synopsis managed to NOT convey that at all.  And it wasn’t really written anywhere that it was a sequel.  There’s a picture of the first one on the back, but I for some reason assumed that that was the sequel being promoted instead.  Unfortunately I didn’t think to look it up first.  I mean, I could return it…but I also don’t want to.

And at least, knowing me, I will probably end up letting it sit on my shelf for so long that by the time I do get around to reading it I will have already acquired the first one somehow.  (Oh, I guess I should mention that it’s employee appreciation week so we get an extra discount but I don’t think it will come in on time if I ordered it into the store.  I’ll just have to wait till the next one I suppose).

Who else has had an impulse buy that didn’t go the exact way they were expecting?  Either good or bad?

(And if you are wondering the book was Omega by Jus Accardo.)

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Currently Reading | Some random thoughts

So I finally, finally picked A Conjuring of Light back up (it’s been 2 months) and I feel like I’m no longer in a slump with it anymore, yay!!  (Okay so I also put it down cause I was super behind on ARC reading…).

I started This Mortal Coil which comes out…Tuesday….might not make it in time for that one.  I’m only 50 pages in and it’s so far half action and half science-talk-explanation-stuff so I’m kind of 50/50 on my feelings for it right now.

And then there is The City of Brass which I am only 1 and a half chapters into but it’s kind of already pulling me in so, definitely some high hopes there!

So, what is everyone else currently reading and what are your thoughts?


Books Read this Month | OCTOBER 2017

So I only read 4 books this month due to the fact that the show I was working on went into production, so between hang/focus and tech I didn’t have a lot of time to myself.

The books I read were:

I think out of all of them I enjoyed Nevermoor the most (and yeah I keep calling it that in my head it’s the biggest title on the cover).  It is a middle grade fantasy and was just a really fun read with a really fun magic system and great world-building.

How did you do on your reading goals this month?