Discourse | Cover Changes Mid-Series

Today another series of books I read and own got a makeover.

Sabaa Tahir’s An Ember in the Ashes was one of the first physical ARCs I ever received and I fell in love with it.  I even got the hardcover when it came out, and the sequel when that came out as well.  I admit I haven’t read it yet because I need to reread Ember first because I’m that kind of person.   But today, they revealed the title and cover of the third one.  And the new covers of the first and second one to match.

Okay…but where is the third cover that will match the two I already own??

I mean, I’m not opposed to the new covers – they look cool and Laia looks amazing and all….But why does it have to happen now?  Why not after all of them are published?  I just wish that publishers, if they plan on doing something like this, could maybe consider offering the third one with a cover that reflects the style of the already published covers for those who have been with the series from the start, who love and adore the characters, who spend the money and want their sets to match.  Or wait and do it after the entire series is finished.  Or do only the paperbacks, since those are cheaper than hardcovers as it is.

I already have this problem with The Diviners series by Libba Bray.  Her books come out every two years, and while the writing it so totally worth it, there has been a series cover change for every new release since the start.  I could live with the first two not matching, because they were still in the same color spectrum and I felt both covers were interesting and reflective of the books.  I wasn’t completely happy, but I thought “whatever”.

But this third change?

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I won something???

So recently I entered the Devil’s Own contest for The Last Magician by Lisa Maxwell ( and I ended up winning the Delphi’s Tear Pendant for Round 4!!!  And my name is also going to appear in the acknowledgements for book 2!  I don’t know if this was a mistaken e-mail or not though, because my name isn’t on the official list of winners for that particular prize, so if it was, my reply is probably just going to be awkwardly embarrassing…

Anyway, I will add a link to my review for The Last Magician in just a hot second, because I actually need to transfer it to this blog first. Edit: here’s the link!

Sorry, this is random, I’m just so damn excited!!

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6 Days of Work in a Row Equals a Need for an Excellent Day Off

So these past six days I’ve had to work every day due to my coworker being on sabbatical leave.  Okay, fine, I need money, but oh my god was I tired by the end of it.  Also a little stressed because so many projects had to be done by yesterday.  So today, my friend and I went and saw both Wonder Woman and Spiderman Homecoming and it was great.  Both were great.  We spent six hours straight in the movie theater but it was worth it.

Then I got home and found my ShelfLoveCrate had arrived!!  Yes I am a subscription box junkie and I should stop but I don’t want to.


So that was a nice end to the day :).  I won’t post spoilers for it here, but if you are curious you can check out my instagram stories for today where I did a full unboxing.  This month’s theme was Shakespeare’s Mystery Town.  It was a book I actually already read via an egalley from Edelweiss and something that I really enjoyed!

Anyway I hope the rest of you are having as nice a day.  I just wanted to share mine with you.  Nothing big happened, but it was just nice to have some fun, see some great movies, and relax.


The first of hopefully many…

I have finally done it!  Made an actual blog!

This was kind of on a whim, so let’s call the look of this blog still “under construction.”  Unfortunately, I decided to do this at a time when I am actually extremely tired, so my about page is kind of meh at the moment.

If you don’t know who I am, take a look at one of my social sites such as my tumblr, my instagram, or my twitter to see what I’ve previously done.  I know some people move everything to their blogs but I don’t think I’m going to do that.  That’s too much time that I’m too lazy to find.

I enjoy taking pictures of books but don’t do it often enough, but I do keep up to date on my reviews!  I am currently reading three books (because I do that), which include Just One Damned Thing After Another (The Chronicles of St. Mary’s #1), by Jodi Taylor which I am rereading because I want to get a move on with the rest of this awesomely hilarious and fun series, A Conjuring of Light (Shades of London #3), by V. E. Schwab, and The Gallery of Unfinished Girls, by Lauren Karcz (egalley, due out July 25).

Anyway, I’m looking forward to working on this, making it into something worthwhile, and getting to know other people in the book blogging community.

Thanks for reading!