Current Bookish Obsession: CANDLES

Okay who else has a problem with bookish candles?

Seriously, raise your hand I know you do.

This is getting ridiculous.  I put myself on a small candle-buying ban during September, save for the first weekend when people were doing Labor Day sales combined with giving percentages to those suffering from the hurricanes, and when AlchemyandInk came out with her Autumn stock (oh my god I got ONE candle from her and am absolutely in love).

I need to stop.

Or at least wait until I burn through a few more that I have. Continue reading “Current Bookish Obsession: CANDLES”


Bookish Goals (aka Things I Should Do But Probably Will Never Get Around to Doing)

What sort of goals do you guys have when it comes to reading?  Beyond things like the Goodreads Challenge, or year-long reading challenges like Beat the Backlist?  Are they simple things like, for every new release book you read, you also read at least 1 book that’s been on your TBR?

I have all these personal little goals when it comes to reading and I think I’m going to write them all down here.  Who knows, maybe it will even incite me to start achieving some of them. Continue reading “Bookish Goals (aka Things I Should Do But Probably Will Never Get Around to Doing)”

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All Hallow’s Read-a-Thon

Yes, yes, it’s only September, but you know what?  I love Halloween.  Lots of people do.  And so, I want to introduce to this blog something I’ve been hosting on tumblr for the past two years: All Hallow’s Read-a-Thon.  (Not to be confused with All Hallow’s Read, which is about giving books on Halloween.  Cool idea, but not what this is.)

Basically it means dedicating the month of October to reading as many Halloween-ish books as possible.  This could include horror novels, books by authors like Stephen King, books about vampires, witches, ghosts, etc.  They don’t have to be scary, they could just be paranormal.  Last year, for example, I read Something Wicked This Way Comes by Ray Bradbury, The Name of the Star by Maureen Johnson and The Madness Underneath by Maureen Johnson, plus I started House of Leaves by Mark Z. Danielewski but that was dense and ended up taking me through November to finish.

Last year and the year before I also made challenges throughout the month, but I think I might skip that this year.  I might just do a few reading sprints still, or maybe do a Bingo for it (it seems to be a popular thing to do with reading now).

Let me know if you’d be interested in joining something like this.  I don’t get a lot of participants, but we have fun anyway!


Discourse: Some Books are Just Not YA

Before I get flak let me just say, I love YA.  Of course I do.  I enjoy them much more than the stories in adult literature for the most part.  I swear most of them are about mothers who’ve lost kids, or wives who’ve lost husbands in some way, or they’re psychological thrillers where the protagonist just kind of forces their way into the mystery of another character, or it’s “historical fiction” but tells the story of one character from one time period and then another from a more modern one and somehow forces a connection between the two.  I mean, how many of those have you seen floating around?  I’m sure many people enjoy them but I could honestly care less.  So I turn to YA.

Oh, but there is a whole section now called NA – New Adult – which is supposed to be perfect for my age-range (the college to post-grad/twenty-something range).  Except it’s not.  Almost all NA books I’ve seen are romance books – and not the kind that are light and fluffy, but the ones that seem to revolve around sex and “finding oneself” after college.  I’m sure there are great storylines attached to these, but when the summary is telling me mostly about the relationships and sex and stuff, you’ve lost me.  I’m not interested in that either. Continue reading “Discourse: Some Books are Just Not YA”


Not Good (For Me, Anyways)

Re: I Can’t Read a Sequel Without Rereading the First Book First.

Godsgrave is hitting the shelves.  In fact, I’ve already seen it at the store I work at.  I didn’t buy it yet, though, because money.

And I know for a fact that it starts off with a refresher (I…may have the egalley but am definitely not going to be finishing it in time for the publication date lol.  But I glanced at the first few pages and there’s a little refresher of who’s who and such!)


I still feel the small niggling feeling

There in the back of my head

It’s Nevernight and it’s saying “Reread me!  Reread me!”

Shhh, no, I don’t have time!!  I need to know what’s next for Mia now!!!

Wow gosh this probably sounds like a crazy person talking to herself sorry not sorry.


Actually Reading the Sequel: The Struggle is Real (for me at least)

I don’t know how many other people do this, but I’ve been looking at my TBR pile a lot lately and seeing just how many of the books on it are sequels that I just haven’t gotten to yet.  This includes A Torch Against the Night, Gemina, and Lord of Shadows to name the ones that keep silently yelling at me to read them already in that way that books do.  I don’t know what it is, but for some reason this keeps happening to me – I will read a book, fall in love, know for a fact that I will buy the second in the series, do just that, and then let it sit and gather dust on my shelf instead of actually reading it. Continue reading “Actually Reading the Sequel: The Struggle is Real (for me at least)”