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Wednesday Whimsy | BOOKISH PET PEEVES

We all have them, of course, but there are some that just irk you more than anything else.  I have been compiling this list in my draft folder for a while and think it’s about time to post it.  I’ll probably come back and add more as new things start to get on my nerves as well. Continue reading “Wednesday Whimsy | BOOKISH PET PEEVES”

Favorite Reads, Wednesday Whimsy


Okay, since I tend to have Wednesdays off, I’m thinking of adding a little more to my blog besides just book reviews and the occassional rant about pet peeves.  Today, I will be discussing screen adaptations of books.

In other news I just watched To All the Boys I’ve Loved Before on Netlfix and it was so friggin cute that I can’t not gush about it.

tatbilb.png Continue reading “Wednesday Whimsy | ADAPTATIONS & OTHER MUSINGS”