The cover for the final Diviners book has been revealed…and no, I’m not happy.

Well, the final cover for the last book in The Diviners series by Libba Bray was revealed today!  (I only just discovered it though oops).  I haven’t read the synopsis yet because I still haven’t um read book three yet (I’ll get there…just need to reread the other two first…after I read everything else on TBR apparently…) and I don’t want to get spoiled (and of course I saw part of the first sentence and am already WTFing out of my mind and trying to erase what I saw from my memory).

But anyway here are all four covers that I will be owning when the last one comes out apparently!

So on the one hand – yay!  They finally stopped doing cover redesigns!

On the other hand – why the hell didn’t they continue the cover redesigns??  At this point I might as well keep the non-matching cover aesthetic of this series cause why the hell not?  Continue reading “The cover for the final Diviners book has been revealed…and no, I’m not happy.”


Bookish Stretch Covers

I just want to say, if I could figure out how to make these myself I would.  Or had the desire to be as creative and artistic as some of you are, I would as well.  But I have a proposal – mainly cause I want one of these things to be real and buyable.

I want a book cover for my hardcovers while I’m reading them.

Let me elaborate.

You know those slip-on, stretchy covers that you use on textbooks for school?  I want something like that, but with bookish designs.  While I’m reading a hardcover, I always take the jacket off because I don’t want to rip or crease it by accident.  But then you get these beautiful insides that are sometimes colorful or white or have pretty designs on them and you can be careful as possible but guess what those natural oils on your hands still stain the cover and you know what no I don’t want that I like my covers to be as perfect as possible because I’m a nerd like that.

I’ve made due with cutting up and folding brown paper bags, but I want something I don’t have to remake every time the old one rips a little too much.  And yeah I tried buying them during the back-to-school sales but did you know they made those things all so huge now?  I couldn’t find a single one that was small enough to fit my hardcover books.  Instead they were all too big with lots of material hanging over and just didn’t look nice and felt like I would easily drop it or something.

The only other option was those “wallpaper” type ones that cling to the book itself and no thank you don’t want to see that ripping off the top layer of paper like I know it will with my luck.

So anyway, this is me, putting it out there, to someone creative who might have an idea for this – bookish stretch covers.  Or if you can come up with something that would be versitile with these many-sized hardcovers that isn’t stretchy but still does the right job, that would be cool too.

And of course, with bookish quotes or characters or something on them.