Discourse: Some Books are Just Not YA

Before I get flak let me just say, I love YA.  Of course I do.  I enjoy them much more than the stories in adult literature for the most part.  I swear most of them are about mothers who’ve lost kids, or wives who’ve lost husbands in some way, or they’re psychological thrillers where the protagonist just kind of forces their way into the mystery of another character, or it’s “historical fiction” but tells the story of one character from one time period and then another from a more modern one and somehow forces a connection between the two.  I mean, how many of those have you seen floating around?  I’m sure many people enjoy them but I could honestly care less.  So I turn to YA.

Oh, but there is a whole section now called NA – New Adult – which is supposed to be perfect for my age-range (the college to post-grad/twenty-something range).  Except it’s not.  Almost all NA books I’ve seen are romance books – and not the kind that are light and fluffy, but the ones that seem to revolve around sex and “finding oneself” after college.  I’m sure there are great storylines attached to these, but when the summary is telling me mostly about the relationships and sex and stuff, you’ve lost me.  I’m not interested in that either. Continue reading “Discourse: Some Books are Just Not YA”


Discourse | Cover Changes Mid-Series

Today another series of books I read and own got a makeover.

Sabaa Tahir’s An Ember in the Ashes was one of the first physical ARCs I ever received and I fell in love with it.  I even got the hardcover when it came out, and the sequel when that came out as well.  I admit I haven’t read it yet because I need to reread Ember first because I’m that kind of person.   But today, they revealed the title and cover of the third one.  And the new covers of the first and second one to match.

Okay…but where is the third cover that will match the two I already own??

I mean, I’m not opposed to the new covers – they look cool and Laia looks amazing and all….But why does it have to happen now?  Why not after all of them are published?  I just wish that publishers, if they plan on doing something like this, could maybe consider offering the third one with a cover that reflects the style of the already published covers for those who have been with the series from the start, who love and adore the characters, who spend the money and want their sets to match.  Or wait and do it after the entire series is finished.  Or do only the paperbacks, since those are cheaper than hardcovers as it is.

I already have this problem with The Diviners series by Libba Bray.  Her books come out every two years, and while the writing it so totally worth it, there has been a series cover change for every new release since the start.  I could live with the first two not matching, because they were still in the same color spectrum and I felt both covers were interesting and reflective of the books.  I wasn’t completely happy, but I thought “whatever”.

But this third change?

Here, look at the progression. Continue reading “Discourse | Cover Changes Mid-Series”