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Book Review | OLIVER TWIST, by Charles Dickens

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Oliver Twistby Charles Dickens

Publish Date: 1838
Published by: Open Road Media (Kindle Edition), Richard Bentley (original)
Pages: 446
Genre: Classic
My Rating: ★★☆☆☆ (2 out of 5 stars)

Synopsis (taken from the Barnes & Noble edition):

One of Dickens’s most popular novels, Oliver Twist is the story of a young orphan who dares to say, “Please, sir, I want some more.” After escaping from the dark and dismal workhouse where he was born, Oliver finds himself on the mean streets of Victorian-era London and is unwittingly recruited into a scabrous gang of scheming urchins. In this band of petty thieves Oliver encounters the extraordinary and vibrant characters who have captured readers’ imaginations for more than 150 years: the loathsome Fagin, the beautiful and tragic Nancy, the crafty Artful Dodger, and perhaps one of the greatest villains of all time—the terrifying Bill Sikes.

Rife with Dickens’s disturbing descriptions of street life, the novel is buoyed by the purity of the orphan Oliver. Though he is treated with cruelty and surrounded by coarseness for most of his life, his pious innocence leads him at last to salvation—and the shocking discovery of his true identity. 

My Review:

I know the Dickens is known for being tedious with words, but this book took forever for me to read. I loved A Tale of Two Cities when I read it in school, but maybe because there was some actual intrigue and plot that one was just more interesting to me. Continue reading “Book Review | OLIVER TWIST, by Charles Dickens”