6 Days of Work in a Row Equals a Need for an Excellent Day Off

So these past six days I’ve had to work every day due to my coworker being on sabbatical leave.  Okay, fine, I need money, but oh my god was I tired by the end of it.  Also a little stressed because so many projects had to be done by yesterday.  So today, my friend and I went and saw both Wonder Woman and Spiderman Homecoming and it was great.  Both were great.  We spent six hours straight in the movie theater but it was worth it.

Then I got home and found my ShelfLoveCrate had arrived!!  Yes I am a subscription box junkie and I should stop but I don’t want to.


So that was a nice end to the day :).  I won’t post spoilers for it here, but if you are curious you can check out my instagram stories for today where I did a full unboxing.  This month’s theme was Shakespeare’s Mystery Town.  It was a book I actually already read via an egalley from Edelweiss and something that I really enjoyed!

Anyway I hope the rest of you are having as nice a day.  I just wanted to share mine with you.  Nothing big happened, but it was just nice to have some fun, see some great movies, and relax.