Discourse: Some Books are Just Not YA

Before I get flak let me just say, I love YA.  Of course I do.  I enjoy them much more than the stories in adult literature for the most part.  I swear most of them are about mothers who’ve lost kids, or wives who’ve lost husbands in some way, or they’re psychological thrillers where the protagonist just kind of forces their way into the mystery of another character, or it’s “historical fiction” but tells the story of one character from one time period and then another from a more modern one and somehow forces a connection between the two.  I mean, how many of those have you seen floating around?  I’m sure many people enjoy them but I could honestly care less.  So I turn to YA.

Oh, but there is a whole section now called NA – New Adult – which is supposed to be perfect for my age-range (the college to post-grad/twenty-something range).  Except it’s not.  Almost all NA books I’ve seen are romance books – and not the kind that are light and fluffy, but the ones that seem to revolve around sex and “finding oneself” after college.  I’m sure there are great storylines attached to these, but when the summary is telling me mostly about the relationships and sex and stuff, you’ve lost me.  I’m not interested in that either. Continue reading “Discourse: Some Books are Just Not YA”