T.T.S.I.F | Life & Reading Update

Well my reading definitely fell behind.  But I have a show to blame.  Tonight was opening night for The Glass Menagerie for which I designed both the set and lights so the last two weeks were definitely busy for me to say the least.  As a result, the only books I managed to finish were my audiobooks, because yes I can listen to those while I paint the set thank you very much.  Both were rereads in anticipation of sequels being released.  One sequel, The Queen’s Resistance, I am still working through but enjoying of course and the other, King of Fools, I haven’t got to yet. Now I am listening to The Golem and the Jinni and it’s enjoyable so far, although it had a bit of a slow start. Continue reading “T.T.S.I.F | Life & Reading Update”


T.T.S.I.F | Weekly+ Update

Well my reading has been…slow lately.  Part of it is being completely burned out by work – both as a bookseller and as a lighting/set designer.  It’s all coming to a head and I just…I’m tired.

Even getting through the last audiobook of the Lux series feels like a struggle.  Which it shouldn’t?  But all I can think is “damn why is this taking so long to end?”  It made me start wondering if I prefer shorter series to longer ones.  I mean, I adored Bloodlines, which has 6 books in them, and sometimes I wish that trilogies were drawn out more, but other times I’m like – duologies are the best!  I guess it depends on the series.  Right now I just think it’s all because I’m just not in the right mindset.  At least, I hope that’s the case. Continue reading “T.T.S.I.F | Weekly+ Update”


T.T.S.I.F | An End-of-the-Week Reading Update

How is everyone doing in the reading so far?  Working on an goals yet?

I’ve managed to finish 2 series I started in 2018, although I feel like I cheated a bit because I literally started them in December and all my other series are glaring at me from my shelves…but hey it makes me feel good right?  Progress?

Anyway, I’ve finished another Lux series book and am starting on the prequel story to get some background information.  I’m still chugging through Priory (I’m only about 12% but that’s 100 pages in this gargantuan of a book.)  I’m weirdly liking it so far because it has such excellent world-building.

I finished my January egalleys (at least the ones I knew I was going to get to) and have started on my February ones with Stolen Time by Danielle Rollins.  I have a feeling I’m not going to get through all my egalleys for February either, but it’s hard to choose which ones I’m going to have to set aside because almost all of them are ones I am eager to read.

And I finally finished my reread of A Shadow Bright and Burning!!!!  I have no idea why it was such a struggle to reread that book because I loved it when I first read it.  I think it’s just my mindset – I love the series and want to finish it but don’t want to reread shit now.  I want new shit but oh look I forget what happened so….

Anyway that’s it for this week.  Sorry I missed last week cause go figure I would.

Happy reading!


T.T.S.I.F | Thank The Stars It’s Friday

Well, I said in my resolutions that I wanted to work on actual blogging some more so here we go.  I’m starting.

I should probably make a graphic for this at some point.

Anyway, some general updates in my life of reading.

Okay the first thing I have to do is promote The Executioners Three by Susan Dennard. Continue reading “T.T.S.I.F | Thank The Stars It’s Friday”